My career as an artist and art educator began so long ago that it is truly hard to think clearly about the beginnings. I have been making pots since 1968 when in high school, and really never stopped this pursuit for the past 45 years. The brush making began about 25 years ago when I had a dear friend – Glen Grishkoff - come to my college and present a brush making workshop with my pottery students. I made a few brushes that I used to decorate my own work, but enjoyed the “making” so much that it quickly grew into “too many brushes for one studio!” On a visit one day to my studio, a former student said "Are you ever gonna start selling these dummy??" Since that fateful day when the light bulb finally came on, the brush making business has taken on a life of its own, and I am thankful for that.

I retired about 4 years ago after 34 years as an Art/Ceramics Professor, and find myself alone in my studio to work for the first time in MANY years. Very strange, but very welcome. There is little doubt that I learned far more from my students over these teaching years than I may have taught to them , and it is a treasure and pleasure to put this learning to work with this change in my career. Thanks to them all.

My pots have always been a curiosity and sort of a mystery to me - I want them to work well and be good functional "friends" in your kitchen for sure! - but - my first concern is always the art and design of each piece.  This dichotomy has at times been hard for me,  but has also been the spark that keeps me working.

This strange dichotomy has continued into my brush making as well.  YES I want them to be valued tools in your studio that work as well or better than any of your other brushes - but I also strive to make each one as a tiny piece of sculpture with all the design considerations and artistic merit that I can.

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Thanks for your visit to the site and your interest in my work.